Borders XC Round 2 Berwick

A last minute decision to forego the Carnethy 5 Hills Race training and I was on my way to the town at the mouth of the Tweed. It was well worth the trek as the day was mild and mostly dry and a welcome respite from howling gales and snow and ice at the top of Carnethy.

The course was a perfect mixture of beach and field/track and less wet and muddy than I had anticipated. Actually it was almost a pleasure running along the sand into the wind – the last time I ran this race it was the day after the Carnethy 5 Hills race which was incredibly painful.

You could tell that the enthusiasm for XC had taken a battering from the relentless snow of December – in fact there seemed to be more kids than adults! I managed 16th out of 106 finishers in 30:06 and Jane Hart of HBT was 88th in a time of 40:40. Mike Pearson of Moorfoots won his age category in 50:37.

Now that I have paid my £10 I may have to attempt to get to Norham and Dunbar. It is a shame that our more ‘local’ races Peebles and Gala could not have been rescheduled later in the season.

Duncan Ball.

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    1. sooz says:

      Great Duncan, sounds like you enjoyed it!

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