Keep an eye on the calendar!

My first entry into the forum, wow it’s brilliant!

I have entered all the various Grand Prix events into the calendar, so keep an eye out for up and coming races!  I hope to add more information to each entry (when I have more time) to include how to enter, distance etc.


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5 comments on Keep an eye on the calendar!

  1. martinb says:

    Hmmm, I’m not sure I like this new, slightly insipid version of Rob as much as I liked the old one.

    • susiwoosi says:

      He has become far more conscientious since he hit 40. But it’s nice he’s taking the Grand Prix so seriously – there’s a lesson in there for us all!

  2. Rob says:

    Ta Gord
    works fine.

  3. Rob says:


    was wondering if this calendar is importable into Google Calendars?


    • admin says:

      Hi Rob.
      Yes, you can add this calendar into your personal Google one.
      In fact the details you see on the front page etc are in fact coming from the Harriers’ own Google calendar.
      In your Google cal, choose “Add a Friend’s calendar” and enter “” as the address; it should find it an add it in to yours as ‘read-only’.
      If anyone else uses a calendar that can import an XML or iCAL standard feed then they can use this link to Google’s XML version of our calendar or this link to their iCAL feed respectively to add the Harriers’ calendar into theirs. Which is nice…
      I’ll be adding links to the website for these feeds shortly.
      You can see on the full website calendar page the Google origins of ours. Currently I envisage only Susan maintaining the calendar.

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