Training for a 100

Just a quick note (obviously I have some time on my hands at the moment). I’m going to use this site to note this years training for the 100 (basically because nobody in Scotland runs this).

This years LDWA 100 is on the 2nd may bank holiday 29th May and as such my “training” usually begins with a marathon distance run with friends in Scarborough 25 miles run over an old race route on the 2nd weekend of the year.

1st change to training, decided not to do this event. Will this come back to haunt me?

2nd training event Falkirk Flyer this will be the 5th year I’ve run from my house (Juniper Green) to Falkirk wheel. This year took place on 3rd weekend in January and instead of 8.5 hours (this is leisurely training) it took under 8. Notable this year in that it was not just John (over from Spain ) and myself but also Charly my dog. Breakfast and lunch were taken along the way. Nice to get to Falkirk before dark

Having now a lack of any long distance event until 9th April (Allendale Challenge) I decided to organise my own training (usually a mistake). So on 2nd Feb I persuaded Robert Walker to accompany me on a Pentland Skyline, coming along for the ride were Iain and Fiona from Harmeny. What a day what a disaster, by the time we reached Turnhouse Iain and Fiona had accepted it was a crazy idea as the wind and rain were so heavy and pealed off to run low level. We continued even though you could not run or walk over the tops (crawling worked quite well though). 5 hours later having lost all energy by the time we got to the Kips we finished. Not only were we walking by the end, we had to send for emergency food and it took me an hour in the bath to warm up. Great day out

Charly obviously had  no problems, no pictures of the finish too painful and too dark

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  1. sooz says:

    Wow Tim, you are now to be known as Tim – set your self a challenge or two – Doyle! Am so glad you have written a report about your recent endeavours as it is great to hear what you are up to. Can’t believe you did the Skyline in such awful weather, Robert is lucky to have a friend such as you – ha ha!

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