41st Carnethy 5 Hill Race

What a beautiful day and no snow!!!

Great turn out for the Harriers & friends at the race.  In order of me remembering who was there :- Robert Walker, Tim, Janice, Rob Wilson, Andy, Mike, Julian, Kevin, Kate, Ali, Andrea, Gilly, Al (Jane’s husband),Chris, Sandy & Lynne Bennet & Duncan.

The men got 14th team and the ladies got 10th team. Mike B got 1st Policeman and Al got 1st local.

Good effort put in by all, although my effort was good my ability was not so good but I did choose to run with an injury – despite this I really enjoyed the race.

During the race I was treated to the unmistakeable tones of Chris Downie chatting away to those around him, whether he was behind me or ahead of me I could hear him and it made me smile as I am known for being a bit chatty but I think Chris is the professional here!

The Adventure Show were filming the race again and I think I was the only Harrier ‘interviewed’ on the top of West Kip, must have been going too slow, but I will apologise now if it appears on tv, at least I didn’t fall over this time though….

The support the runners received, especially from our President was great, lots of wives husbands and children were either on the course or at the finish – we are a lucky bunch!!!

Hopefully others will write a race report too and maybe even look up the results and work out how many of us were there too…. Any photos upload onto your reports yourselves or email to me for the gallery.

That’s my 6th Carnethy 5 over hopefully fitter and stronger next year!


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3 comments on 41st Carnethy 5 Hill Race

  1. Ali Hilton says:

    It was a perfect weather day for my first Carnethy 5 and just great to be part of that long snake of outdoor enthusiasts trailing up Scald Law. There were lots of friendly faces along the way to cheer everyone on, dish out jelly babies, take photos and even attempt interviews! The course was wet, so I lost a a bit of confidence running downhill having seen a few people slip, but what views we had, so no complaints from me!
    The race was brilliantly organised and everyone was full of enthusiasm on the day, so this was a fab experience for me. Reaching the end is always an achievement of course, but it was made extra special by the number of little ones that were there to shout us over the finish line!
    If anyone fancies babysitting our two little monkeys maybe I won’t need to wait 2 years before I can do it again?!
    Well done to everyone!

  2. Rob says:

    am in SA over the next 2 days but will try and collate results when I have some time.
    They are already up on the Carnethy website:

    Andrea beat her BP by 3 minutes.

    I have beaten my BPs during the last 3 races, but only by the skin of my teeth – Tinto (11 secs); Greenmantle (13 secs) and Carnethy (7 secs).
    And you all tell me I am not consistent!!!

    • susiwoosi says:

      Well done to you all, it looked a great day for running in the hills. Looks like the way to knock 3 minutes off your PB is to play basketball and tennis, and don’t bother turning up at Harriers training sessions! Well done Andrea!


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