Lasswade 10 Mile Road Race ~ 6th Mar 2011

A good turnout for the Harriers today – Duncan, Derek (with his wife running also), Gilly, Fran, Gordon and me (hope I didn’t miss anyone). Conditions were near perfect though it was quite cold if you stood still for long before or after the run. The climbs out of Roslin Glen and Auchendinny are not hugely long but they are certainly steep enough by anyone’s standards. However, the general outlook from the route is really nice with the Pentlands as a fine backdrop and if you have enough energy left the last 3 miles is a good for fast finish. Congratulations to Duncan for shining so brightly in a mere 63 minutes – the rest of us followed in awe. Thanks to Lasswade AC for a well organised event and good food afterwards – so good in fact that there is a vicious and totally unfounded rumour than some may have gone through the scoff tent more than once. Ran this race two years ago and it’s still hilly and pretty hardwork but I have an assignation with quite a long run in 2 weeks and this was an excellent way to enjoy my taper period.

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  1. gilly says:

    First outing to this race and not only did I really enjoy it, but this morning I woke up to find an envelope on my doorstep, when I opened it I discovered I had won a £10 Run and Become spot prize! Result!

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