2011 Edinburgh Marathon

A somewhat ethereal early morning moment on the day of my 12th marathon – walked up an almost deserted Regent Terrace with rain falling and Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ floating out across the city. Anyway, it wasn’t long before crowds gathered and the place was heaving with runners ready to go. First rendezvous was with my fellow AYE Club members to celebrate our 9th year and have the traditional photograph taken. Then met up with fellow Harrier Richard Anderson and we had our photograph taken – see below (sorry Ngeme wasn’t around). We were spared rain at the start and duly set off down the hill at 10:00 hrs. For me, I guess the first half was good (1:52:46) and I was well on schedule for what I was aspiring to (a sub 4). However, beyond this point, the mile times spiraled upward to unspeakable heights and while it was windy, I simply wasn’t running that well at all. In short, I was rather disappointed and not a little sore afterwards. To be perfectly honest, I found the D33 easier and was in better shape after that. Still, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything, was proud to have a Penicuik Harriers shirt on and I’m still an AYE Club member! Final Scores: WestlintonChris 4:21:05 / Richard Anderson 4:38:40 / Ngeme Ntuli 4:55:41.

Chris & Richard

Postscript: Overall, the organisation was impressive including relay station management above & beyond, top-flight refereeing and the boundless enthusiasm and dedication of all the marshals. There were also new features like text message with time and race results on website much more quickly. However, there were some dubious calls including mile markers marginally bigger than a postage stamp (rather easy to miss), supporters barred from finish and a very strange move to squeeze 10,000 + runners down a side street to collect medal etc. This took over twenty minutes in contrast to around 3 in London – could have been a real ordeal if it had been raining.

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5 comments on 2011 Edinburgh Marathon

  1. Rob Wilson says:

    Indeed – Congrats Chris. I could not do the full marathon.

    Running the pathetically short last 4 mile leg, I felt pretty guilty flying past many staggering runners.
    However, the cheer from the croud as I came sprinting down the last 500m was great.

    • susiwoosi says:

      We’ll make a road runner out of you yet Rob! You don’t get crowds cheering like that in the hills (other than Susie and her kids)! Did you geographers beat the historians or the archivists or whoever else was taking place in the battle of the boffins?

  2. sooz says:

    Well done to the Marathon runners and even to Rob who did the relay! Having volunteered at the marathon for years now I have seen thousands of runners at the 21/22 mile stage of the race and I am just in awe of you all as so many look like they want to just want to give up – I don’t think I have the mental strength to do it – well done!

  3. susiwoosi says:

    Well done to all 3 of you, but thankfully the windy city wasn’t as windy as it has been today!

  4. WestLintonChris says:

    I’m looking out the window at various trees bent double in a fierce wind – maybe we got off lightly yestrday . . .

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