EMF Junior Races

I thought you might all be interested to see the times that some of the club member’s kids and their friends managed in the emf 1.5km (o.93mile)Junior Race:-

Oliver age 9, 2nd 05:22

Josh age 10, 3rd 05:23

Lewis age 7, 11th 06:04

Euan age 9, 12th 06:06

Ross age 9, 29th 06:33

Calum age 7, 30th 06:36

Thomas age 11 took part in the 3km race and came 6th 12:10

I thought they all did really well and most importantly enjoyed it!  When they finished they went to the side of the road and cheered on the 10k runners giving them high 5’s and even running into the end with Tommy the Clown – remember him?

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2 comments on EMF Junior Races

  1. susiwoosi says:

    Well done to the Harriers juniors! Euan and Calum are yours Sooz, Ross is Martin’s – who do the rest belong to? Or aren’t they Harriers?

    • sooz says:

      They belong to friends that are not club members, I have a couple…. I think I should hang up my road shoes after seeing their times, stick to the hills and enjoy the views I reckon!

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