Bu@@ered at Broughton

With some minor guilt I slipped out the back road from Penicuik to avoid the Parade and popped down to Broughton for the Broughton Heights race which was part of the UKA Inter Counties Fell/Hill Race Championships. This meant that the bulk of the runners were elite class so I had no expectations of trying to get any reasonable place.

In fact, since Gypsy Glen I had purposely run more than average last week to see how my legs would cope. Not a good idea in hindsight – I couldn’t sprint at the start and was not even close to 1st place after 100m. I guess running with heavy legs is good practise for those longer races later in the year.

Broughton Heights is a new race and is similar to Carnethy 5 in elevation and distance:

Carnethy 5 – 9.14 kms and 628m

Broughton H – 10.55 kms and 591m

Weather was windy and mixed – one minute sunny and the next heavy showers. In fact it rained/hailed 20 minutes before the race started which got many people worried as to the appropriate clothing for the race. In the end it did not rain during the race and the wind helped more than hindered.

For those who have run Greenmantle Dash you would recognise the first kilometre as it is the reverse of GD. After that, the route deviates to a much more demanding course – see map.

Some of the ascents are quite steep, the worst being the quarter kilometre up to Hammer Head – it should be called Throbbing Thighs. However, the run down from Trahenna Hill was just great, particularly as Mike Pearson was doing an odd dance to spur me on. The final challenge was a final incline up to the finish which was not a lot of fun after running downhill for 2 kms.

Despite being way way down in the pack, my final time was 1:06:24 which is quicker than my best Carnethy 5 time, so not feeling grumpy at all.


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