Carnethy Midweek Race, 6 July 2011

I saw very little of the race since I was confined to the start/finish field looking after two of my grandchildren. It was a fine evening and 3 Harriers completed the race, Paul Pollard in 15th place, followed by Kevin Anderson 22nd and Chris Downie 31st. Janice Smith, running for HBT, was 36th.

There were two juniors running, who turned at the wall crossing, but what disturbed me was that there was no marshal to turn the juniors. Fortunately they got back down OK. It’s one thing sending experienced athletes onto the hill to look after themselves…… but very young juniors!

The other thing which struck me was that, despite an entry fee of £4, the prizes consisted of 2 very small bottles of beer and 4 smallish bags of sweets. As a consistent non-prize winner, prizes or the lack of them, don’t really bother me; but….!

There is a race at Turnhouse next Wednesday. Could I suggest to any parents contemplating allowing their children to participate, that they check with the organisers that their children will be safely looked after up the hill.


21 July 2011

Some photos in the gallery

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