Callandar and Selkirk Hill Races

Two new Hill Races which may be of interest.
First off – Callandar, run as part of the Towns Highland Games, a rather unique experience and a run that had it all, trails, hills, roads and even a river section and not on the bank. It was advertised as 10k ish, very ish and I clocked it at 8.7 miles.
Started in the games ring by the Games M.C and cheering crowd, what a strange sight it must have been scrawny hill runners surrounded by giants in kilts throwing big weights about.
I managed 9th place my first top ten finish, I must have gained a few minutes with MRS B’s,” I’m not hanging around here all day” ringing in my ear. (Mrs B, Yeh, think of a muddy field with lots of shows and loud rubbish pop music) !
However there was only ever going to be one winner when you see Prasad Prasad on the start line.

Onto Selkirk, organised by a group of enterprising mums in aid of Selkirk Play Park Project, I guess you’re more likely to get funds out of a bunch of runners than the Council.
Started off last year as a 4 mile event, this year saw a 7 mile option which drew a decent turn out of 85 runners. Registration etc in the newly tarted up Selkirk Rugby Club, race start was a short walk away.
First three miles steady up hill and runnable just, topped out at the Three Bretheren, obelisks marking a high point on the Southern Upland Way, then a Gallop over Foolshiels and Harehead Hill, finishing back at the Start point.
Runnable the whole way, Hot Showers afterwards, decent nose bag and a worthy glow having contributed to a good cause- Whats not to like?!

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