30 Oct 2011 ~ Jedburgh Half Marathon

Travelled down with fellow West Linton runners Sheena Livingstone and Helen Ryall to the 10th Jedburgh Half Marathon – this run is always a pleasure and Sunday was no exception. It’s well organised without being ‘fussy’ (although there is nae braw baking at the finish like some other well known events), the company was good (also caught up with Carole Fortune + Ruth McCann), weather was warm and stayed dry (though there was a strong westerly to contend with on the way home) and finally, after my dignity taking a serious dent at Haddington, I recovered some pride with 1:52:28 – another step in relentless drive towards some crazy runs next year !

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  1. bill bennet says:

    Well done Chris, looks good for next year. But what’s happened to all our other road runners, Jedburgh’s been quite popular in the past.

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