Dunbar XC

What a wonderful day at Dunbar: wall to wall sunshine and really quite warm. So warm in fact, that a fair number of runners cooled down in the sea; and I heard that one very brave chap called Mike Brooks had a swim. Whitesands is located east of Dunbar just below the Cement Works. Fortunately you cannot really see the Cement Works from the beach if you look out to sea.

The course was quite challenging in places. It started off going west along the beach towards Dunbar and turned in the middle of a big patch of slimy sea weedy stones. It ran back through the start and then headed east past Barns Ness Lighthouse where we got a superb view of the Nuclear Power Station at Torness. Well, a superb view if you like Nuclear Power Stations. There were a couple of wee climbs on the way back which was along some trods. All in all a well conceived course, apart from the slippery stones, and slightly longer and harder than last year’s course in the same area.

The Harriers’ stars were Mike Brooks in 35th place, Janice Smith 95th, Gilly Marshall 122nd and Bill Bennet 142nd. A great day out which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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  1. DaveC says:

    Was the white sands anything to do with the cement works and was mike fully concrete incased? A hard act to follow!

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