Merry Christmas

Hi y’all, Merry Christmas!

An exciting start to starting to running again after injury – fast walk from Flotterstone up Turnhouse but after the trees was like a red leaf (PH jacket) with a black stalk getting blown about as much as the bracken.  Thought my extra kilos would have weighted me down but was crawling on the summit after a few botched attempts to get there.

Bit scarily exhilarating flying down but going too fast for the rendez-vous on Carnethy so waited in the sheep pens til 11am. No sign of you all so as chilling down tackled the return journey in the lee of the hill above Glencourse. The Forth Bridge is open to cars only with winds >65mph! By hook or by crook this was something I “had to do” but where were you all…do I need to improve my navigation skills?

Editor’s note: groan 11.30 summit not 11am Kirst…! Sorry missed you all…but hope to see you soon.

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  1. BillB says:

    Well done Kirsty making the summit of Carnethy against that terrible wind. Dave and I didn’t make it due to injuries but others did start off towards the hill. Whether they got there we don’t know – no reports of other successful climbs as yet.

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