Hunters Bog Trot

Bill took photos of the Harriers who were Trotting on Saturday and Jane Hart sent me the link to a ‘vimeo’ that Peter Duncan from Portobello took

So much for a rainy afternoon, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. We all really enjoyed the race, even Chris who had only arrived in Newcastle from Florida at 6am and had intended spectating 😉 Can’t find the results as shr site down at mo but those racing were Duncan, Rob, Andrea, Susan, Sarah, Chris D and Susie. No individual prizes for us but 3 bottles of beer for the club from YP for being the organisers of the hilliest 10k in Scotland!

Bill’s photos in the gallery

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  1. Susan says:

    Beware the video is quite long. I don’t appear for very long in it thankfully as I look well and truly puggled!
    Great weather and an enjoyable race (although I didn’t think that at the time about the climbs).
    Thanks to Bill for cheering us on!

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