Hoka Highland Fling Relay

Gilly organised a team for the Hoka Highland Fling Relay that took place yesterdy (Sat 28th April).  Louise, Paul, Gilly & myself had to cover 53 mile between us, running alongside amazing people who were running the whole way! The experience was absolutely fantastic and a great thing to be part of, mega thanks to Paul for organising the bus and Amy & Barry for driving us everywhere – you were so patient and encouraging!

Results are out and we came 29th team out of 56 teams and 6th Mixed team out of 15 teams.

Race reports hopefully coming soon….

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6 comments on Hoka Highland Fling Relay

  1. Susan says:

    Well done guys, what a great experience and great result! Photos look fab too! Maybe we can get more teams next year?

  2. bill bennet says:

    Great run from the Penny Cuckoos, well done guy and gals: is there not a race over the 96 miles of the West Highland Way? Watch this space. And a superb run also by Rich Osman, placed143 out of 362 finishers.

    • rich osman says:

      Well done the relay guys! Cheers Bill,
      Really enjoyed the day out.
      Maybe the full WHW race next year?
      Would need to be a bit of a
      masochist for that one! ….

  3. Rob says:


  4. Amy Foster says:

    It was a fantastic day, the scenery was out of this world and surrounded by so many inspirational runners. Well done to the team, you were amazing!! 🙂

    Photos will be delivered on CD Tuesday evening to training.


    • sooz says:

      Thanks Amy, we couldn’t have managed it without you and Barry. Your photos are in our album now – they are fab!


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