Gypsy Glen Hill Race, Peebles

Six of us met in the Penicuik Centre and bundled into Susie’s people carrier for a trip to Peebles.  Andrea, Chris Downie, Mike Brooks and Rob (who was our photographer) had all run the race before, however Susie and I were completely ignorant as to what lay ahead, not even knowing the distance let alone where Gypsy Glen actually was!

Whilst we registered and attempted to warm up on what was a dry, yet chilly evening, Rob got (slightly hesistant) permission to drive Susie’s car further up the track to position himself for some photo taking and knowing Rob, the best vantage point to shout abuse at us all.

It was a slightly smaller field than last year, a bit worrying in a hill race as we all started to wonder who’d be last!  Mike Pearson sounded the starting hooter and we were off!  I settled into quite a quick pace as the first mile or so was essentially a road race which suited me quite nicely!  We headed over the river, through the park, through a housing estate then hit the trails.  I’d been running well till this point, but as soon as the route turned muddy and started to climb I started to struggle.  Quickly others started to pass me, including Chris D, who then pulled away from me.  I “hung in” for the rest of the climb, passed Rob who was yelling “come on babe”, much to my disappointment I realised this was aimed at Andrea who was quickly closing the gap on me!  I tried to smile for Rob’s photos but grimace was all I could manage.  Note to self – must train uphill more!

Finally the summit came into view and suddenly I felt good again.  Wish I could’ve appreciated the stunning view a bit more, but it wasn’t possible to do that and hurl myself down the sweeping, fast trails to eventually follow the same route back.  I had a nice little battle with an HBT female, who I managed to pass and then after some wicked little tarmac climbs in the final km, I was delighted to see Victoria Park and the finish line ahead.  Rachael was there to give some final encouragement and take some (probably awful) photos and then phew, finish line crossed!!

Cheered in the remaining Harriers whilst eating some homemade clootie dumpling and getting eaten alive by vicious midges.  Results were:  Duncan – 11th in 36:39, Mike B – 14th in 37:35, Chris D – 34th in 45:15, Susan – 37th in 46:02, Andrea – 41st in 47:53 and Susie – 45th in 49:37.

Well done everyone, and thanks to Mike Pearson who awarded me a prize for being 4th female!


Photos here

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5 comments on Gypsy Glen Hill Race, Peebles

  1. Rob says:

    always a pleasure to see other people do the hard work.
    However – see you at change over point 3 at the EMF on Sunday though Sooz!!

  2. sooz says:

    Great report Susan! I really enjoyed all of the race except the road bits especially on the way back. Running past my car that Rob had parked at bottom of Glen was tough too :-(. Well done to everyone and for hanging about the wait for the ‘Harriers Hill Race Sweeper’ despite the midgies. Thanks for taking photos Rob, they are in the gallery. Thanks to Mike and his team for their hard work and enthusiasm at the finish.

  3. bill bennet says:

    Susan, I really envy you the clootie dumpling but not the midges! Sometime you should be like Rob (what a thing to say!) and take the car up to Gypsy Glen. Leave the car there and then run up the ridge maybe as far as Birkscairn or even Dun Rig. It’s a wonderful bit of country. Even though Steve Fallon includes the race as one of his classics, I’ve been trying to persuade Mike to cut the road out and just race up and down the ridge. I might even come out of retirement if that comes off.

  4. Rob says:

    Och – if you want to be a babe too, that’s fine with me!!

    much more pleasurable to watch however 🙂

    Susie – where are all the pictures? They are here Rob! 🙂

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