Edinburgh Marathon

Sunday was the 10th Edinburgh Marathon and also AYE member Chris’s 10th – well done Chris!  A record field of Penicuik Harriers were out in force, not only for the full marathon, but the relay and also the half marathon and if we were not running we were marshalling the course!  I think this is the first year there has not been a team photo at the start which was a shame as I had no idea until after the race how many of us were actually running it.  It was my 3rd attempt at Edinburgh and once again the sun was beating down.  I was thinking of Mark at the beginning and how it would suit him as desert training for his event later in the year, but not so much me who likes to run in rain and snow and totally wilts in anything above 12 degrees.  Highlights once again are the locals who are out in force with their hoses and this year also seemed to sport a lot of children with water pistols getting to soak total strangers and getting thanked for it! Again, I found the route hardest between about  17miles  and  21miles, partly from the course as it goes through Gosford House and and partly from the baking heat.  From 21 miles on I managed to pick up my pace again and even managed a sprint finish in to the end, (despite the strange boards they have down). The finish was much better this year and I loved the fact that they had supporters lining both sides down the last 500m or so.  Alan’s patience was even rewarded this year as he managed to cheer me on the last 100m.  Think I have all the marathon runners times here (I have just nabbed them from Dave’s e-mail) Don’t have all the half marathoner and relay runners times though sorry! –  Hope they will post them too thoughJ


Mark S 3hr08m12s

Paul P 3h 28m 03s

Ross L 4hr09m42s

Kenny C 4hr23m53s

Gilly M 4hr33m04s

Chris B 4hr34m54s

Helen O 4hr41m29s

Ngeme N 5hr06m18s

Vicki W 5hr29m16s

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  1. Susan says:

    Well done everyone, what an achievement and from what I hear it was the usual soaring temperatures for the marathon!

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