Fluked it at Largo???

As I was the only Harrier who ran Largo Law, I was not going to write a blog post. Who really cares what a middle age bloke, with the mental age of a 22-year old, does in a race?

However, yesterday was just one of those perfect days when everything went right. Nice weather, great course and a personal best!!!

This is a really nice ~10k fell race.

Mostly cross-country in actual fact, although the 200m climb up to the top of the Law is about as steep as you will find in any race. Coming down is the real challenge and if you go for it (as I did yesterday with only one tumble!), this is where you can make up places and time.

Bar the ascent to the peak, this is a very runnable and fast course. The last mile was excruciating however as my legs morphed into jelly, but I was determined to keep my place.

Results are here:


I ran in 56.54  – 27 seconds quicker than my previous best time.

Best of all, I was 14th out of a field of 99 runners.

Alas, I cannot put this down to any Olympic inspiration. More likely related to all the ibuprofen tablets I ate and gel I smeared on my knees.

Here’s to a more creaky race at Caerketton on Wednesday assuming our Speed of Light practise on Tuesday night does not finish me off.


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One comment on Fluked it at Largo???

  1. gilly says:

    Sounds like a good race – well done on your PB. Sounds like lots more ibuprofen and gel needed for Wednesday! Gilly xx

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