Speed of light

On the evening of Saturday 25 August, Rob and I dressed up as Christmas trees and, in the company of about 50 others, minced about above Hunters Bog for a couple of hours in the name of art as part of the Edinburgh International Festival production “Speed of Light” [you’re the one with hands on hips, Rob!]. The audience consisted of hundreds of people walking up Arthur’s Seat carrying light poles [poles with lights, although doubtless they were pretty light], each paying £24 for the privilege. Highlight (for me): The Mexican waves we did. Good for stretching out un-used muscles [possibly suitable for the warm-up at training?] Excitement: Doing our “starburst” [running off and back in a random direction] at the top of Salisbury Craigs and hoping no-one ran over the edge. Distance: about 4km and a couple of hundred metres climb. Results: None, but earlier nights of the production got some lukewarm 3-star reviews. However, to paraphrase Dr Johnson, it was not so much a matter of whether the it was done well, rather that it was done at all.

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4 comments on Speed of light

  1. sooz says:

    Saw the programme on tv about the Speed of Light and thought it all looked fantastic, really wish I had signed up for it now! Will follow your lead in future Julian, by the way I thought The Ghostrunner was a great book, really moving and inspiring.

  2. gilly says:

    Strangely enough, Saturday 25th was also the date that Alan, I and the kids decided to venture into Arthur Seat to the see the Speed of Light as one of the non-fee paying cheapskates. We walked up the path into the centre of Hunters Bog and clambered half way up the hill and sat in the wet grass to see the runners and walkers. We really enjoyed watching the runners getting into position and doing their warm ups and then running around. The walkers were quite impressive too with their little light sticks, looking like a many legged beastie snaking through the valley. I was a little bit sad that I had not actually volunteered to do the running bit as it looked a lot of fun. Well done to you all for taking part in this one off event and personally I though it looked pretty cool!

  3. Rob says:

    Ach – Julian – I took a picture of you as well – very unfair!!
    was an interesting experience anyway.

    Tim Doyle has been a leader – any thoughts on the whole cuircus Tim?


  4. Susan says:

    All you need is tinsel round your waist and a star on your head Rob. The whole thing sounds a bit strange really Julian, although I think I’d rather have been doing the running than being in the audience carrying glow sticks up the hill and being charged to do so. At least you tried it!!


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