Lauderdale Limpers – Well Done!!

Many, many thanks to Lauderdale Limpers for organising a great 1st race in the Borders xc series.  7 Harriers helped to make up the 210 runners who turned out today on what was the most beautiful cold and frosty morning in Lauder.  A really great route taking in some of the Southern Upland Way followed by the muddiest, boggiest field with lots of wee streams to jump. You then have the craziest climb up a slope so deep in mud that you are really hoping that the person in front of you doesn’t fall and slide because there is nothing to stop you going too. After a couple of fields you hit the rubble path which you must navigate carefully before you reach the playing fields and the finish-line. Fantastic!

Placings & Timings were :-

37th Duncan 31:02
56th Carl 32:15
81st Kevin 33:39
147th Rachael 39:58
161st Susie 41:33
185th Gilly 45:25
188th Ngeme 45:54
209th Vicky 53:22

Thanks to Vicky’s husband Sean for taking some photos of us 🙂 they are in the gallery


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6 comments on Lauderdale Limpers – Well Done!!

  1. Susan says:

    Well done guys, great times posted by all! Will anyone stop Duncan this year?? Vicky you will get faster pretty quickly, the initial couple of races will be a shock to the system but don’t despair!

  2. bill bennet says:

    Good to see such a big turnout of Harriers at my favourite Borders XC race. Well done all for coping with the mud: I saw the photo of the shoes. I was a wee bit surprised about the claimed elevation of over 1800 feet, I assume that was the alleged total climb. If so, the winning times of about 27 minutes were fantastic, since the total “Carnethy 5 Hills Race” climb is about 2600ft and the winning times there are about 47 minutes. Looks to me like a dodgy claim. Perhaps I’m jealous tbecause I was not there!

  3. Dave cairns says:

    Well done to you all. So, is Carls mouser just a strainer to save him swallowing mud? Looked great fun in the burn after????????????

  4. Rob Wilson says:

    Och – I was sorely tempted to come along, but thought after running Dumyat on Saturday, that I should probably save my legs for Tinto next weekend.

    Dumyat Dash was a relatively quick fell race and probably like Lauder was a bit of a mud pit in places. This just makes it more fun. Despite miserable weather in Penicuik on Saturday morning, most of the race was in glorious late autumn sunshine.

    I came 30th out of 97 runners with a time of 1:01:58.
    See some of you at Tinto next week?????

  5. Vicky says:

    Totally loved it. (Even though I came last). Thats me hooked. Braids next week.

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