Tinto 2012

Good turnout from Harriers and Friends.

Weather was in the process of turning from sunshine to rain. I guess we completed just in time before the weather became really grim.


259 runners:


13th: Tim Darlow 36.49 (sometimes trains with us on Thursday)

45th: Mike Brooks 40.48 (lost his Tinto virginity!)

89th: Rob Wilson 44.20 (dicky hamstring – over 2 minutes slower than BP – personal worst – PW)

98th: Alasdair Hind 44.45 (PB)

106th: Tim Doyle 45.10 (running in Carnethy strip…..spit!…….but a BP I think???)

199th: Andrea Wilson 52.40 (uh ho – getting old – PW)

203rd: Ali Hilton 53.04 (another virginity loser!)

209th: Janice Smith 54.12 (not best, not worst!)

213th: Chris Downie 54.32 (recovering from lung disease – PW)

218th: Lynne Turnbull 54.49 (PB – congrats!!!)

256th: Ngeme Ntuli  1.04.59 (congrats on your first hill race. Hope it was not too much of a shock)


I think that covers everyone.

That’s me until the Devil’s Burden in January (shall we try and get both a boy and girl team together this time????)


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  1. Kirsty says:

    Very impressed, wish had been there! ..I ahem… fainted in Edinburgh and had to be rescued with friends driving my car home with me losing a day! So…devils’s burden yes! Or I will be forced to “once again go with Carnethy…I know second and fourth legs”

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