Greenmantle Dash


Here are the results for the Greenmantle Dash on the 2nd. It was a fantastic day and another good turn out for the Harriers. Dry for a change lets hope this is a dign of things to come after the wet year of 2012. I think the only hot, dry day was the day of the Edin Marathon when none of us wanted the good weather! Bill put in a fantastic run as he raced with his son and his grandchildren. Three generations from the same family running the race.

22 Mike Brooks 00:20:15

69 Susie Maxwell 0:29:05

76 Bill Bennet 0:32:35

83 Kirsty Loudon 0:34:27

90 Vicki Lyon 0:45:36

His son Sandy came in at:

36 Sandy Bennet 0:22:08. I couldnt find the juniors race results but as I saw them coming back down the hill after I was still struggling up the hill so I am sure they did a great race.

Sean my wingman came in at:

88 S Lyon 0:39:51. He very gallantly waited for me at the top. And after being bitten by the running bug went home and bought himself a pair of fell running shoes so get him an application form Susan as he is going to join the harriers. Looks like we will have to fight it out over who gets to go to hill training from now on!

Last thing Id like to say a big thank you to all of the Harriers who cheered me on at the end as I hobbled over the line with my dodgy back.

Photos here

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5 comments on Greenmantle Dash

  1. mags says:

    A nice day to spectate , Mia , Dylan and mags enjoyed cheering on all the Harriers and their families, especially Uncle Mike , Mum (sis of Mike) and Dad , a well done to them , their first hill race !
    It always amazes me how quickly you all finish !!

  2. bill bennet says:

    Thanks from a proud grandad for the congrats for The Bennets. But could I add my congrats as a coach to Susie Maxwell, a proud winner of bottles of Greenmantle as second F40.

    • Susie says:

      Thanks Bill, wish I’d stayed for the prize-giving now – not normally a feature in my ‘no great pressure’ hill racing life I so enjoy.

  3. Dave C says:

    Well done to all our finishers, I’ll bet the burn and bog were great fun before you “attacked” the “short” climb to the top! I had the easy job at the finish and was ably assisted on the day by Ian Forrest (who was the Clubs only entry for the Porty Prom on New Years day, good to see you back competing Ian).
    Three generations of the Bennets, great stuff!
    A great way to start a New Year. See you all on 08 January.

  4. Susan says:

    A good day had by all especially the Bennets and the Lyons! I’ll bring an application form for Sean next week, it will be nice to welcome another crazy Lyon into the club! Hope your back is recovering from the ordeal.

    Well done everyone who got 2013 off to a racing start.

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