Feel The Burns race

Saturday saw the inaugural Feel The Burns Race at Selkirk

I went on my lonesome but bumped in to Tim and a couple of my pals along with 140 other soles mad enough to take on the snowy conditions on the rolling borders hills.

The route, a 22km circular affair, via Peat Law, Three Brethern, Minchmoor and another cheeky leg breaker the name of which escapes me, prior to finishing where we started at Philphaugh.

It turned out to be a perfect day, weather wise little wind and visibility fine all the way round with even at bit of blue sky in places revealing several glorious vistas.

The good covering of snow allowed decent running over the no doubt very boggy conditions underneath.

I suffered a bit ,later on after a longer than expected jaunt the previous Sunday on the Tri Trail Race at Balerno where a 2.00 hour and 13 mile race was rather unexpectedly extended to 3.10 and 17 miles, dropping from about 15th to last along with five others, its a very long sad tale best not relived here, the shame!!

I finished in 2.05.13, and 48th

I reckon the race will cement itself as a firm early season favourite as there is definitely a gap in the market for such an event at this time of year

Superbly organised with Marshalls and Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue on Standby

Apres Race, Hot Showers, Home Made Soup, Tea, Coffee, Home Baking and as the title suggests a wee homage to the great man himself a piping hot plate of Haggis Neeps and Tatties, they even had the bar open should anyone have felt the urge for a toast with a drop of the strong stuff.

More Harriers next year please

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2 comments on Feel The Burns race

  1. Rob Wilson says:

    sooo jealous. I tried to take some friends with 2 young daughters sledging up on Gypsy Glen – nice and sunny. One of the girls screamed basically for 2 hours!!
    Definitely next year – no more skiing for me!!!

  2. Mark Snodgrass says:

    Good effort Mike. Quite fancy some of that next year.

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