Bowhill Duathlon Race 3

My heart sank when I discovered there was snow on Sunday morning – 3 out of 3 races with snow or ice is not what I wanted!  However as we headed towards the Scottish Borders the snow disappeared giving way to a dry and fair day – very pleasant for running/cycling.  Jamie and I were pleased to see Mike Brooks who’d made it in time after struggling to get the car out his street in Penicuik! 

So this was the final race of the 3 part series and the longest too.  I was worried before it even started, with the race organiser describing the run as “more technical than the bike ride” and then mentioning the use of a rope to help get across a rocky stream!  For a roadie like me, this was daunting stuff!  I cheered Jamie and Mike off and then got some food and warmed up, trying to anticipate when Jamie would return for the handover.  He did really well, although was very frustrated at the lack of overtaking opportunities especially on the singletrack downhills, which is where he thrives and normally gains time.  Over to me.  The route was an out-and-back, proper cross country course – very few trails or roads – more just a case of finding your own way through forests and steep muddy hill climbs.  The marshal at the turn point handed over a lollipop to prove you’d made it there and then it was homeward bound.  I found the whole course very tough (thankfully Mike echoed my thoughts) and at times I felt I was going backwards.  I think to fully enjoy it, I should’ve done some cross country training over the winter!!  (I can hear Bill agreeing with me).  

But to the bad and good news:  the bad news was that we stayed for prize-giving and then didn’t get a prize.  Jamie found this very odd, as we’d been leading the relay category after the first two races so we politely queried the result.  The good news – we finished joint first overall in the relay!!  Our result had not appeared on his list and he had assumed we hadn’t shown up for race 3.  Disappointing to not have the glory of collecting our prize, but apparently he’s going to post us a trophy!

Well done to Mike who did brilliantly and finished in 29th for race 3.

Enjoyable series overall and I’d recommend it for next year!

Results here


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4 comments on Bowhill Duathlon Race 3

  1. Dave C says:

    Well done all. Was it Woozie Susie after then?

  2. bill bennet says:

    Congrats Susan and Jamie, another FIRST for Penicuik. You must have been very disappointed when you were ignored at the prizegiving. Sarah had the same experience last year at the Borders XC prizegiving when she was 1st senior woman. Well done Mike also, he was telling me that it was a bit rough, real cross country.

  3. Rob Wilson says:

    congrats – it is the bike part that I dont like

  4. sooz says:

    Well done you guys, what a great result! Sounds like it was pretty tough but you did really well. May have to give it a go next year….

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