Alloa Half Marathon – Sunday 17th March 2013

After the events of yesterday up on the frozen wastelands of Deeside, I truly expected getting up at 6 on Sunday morning would be a struggle. Luckily I made it into the car without hitch and the drive to Alloa whilst rainy was uneventful.

I guess I’ve probably said it all before, but the Alloa Half is my favourite half in pure running terms. It has a few small hills to keep things interesting but it also has a long, long back straight were pace is king and you really do get a chance to knuckle down without distraction. It also finishes on a downhill and flat – what more could you ask for? Great organisation and friendly team – yes, it has this as well! Would recommended this to anyone especially if they are after a PB.

For the first time in two years, I was entering the Forbidden Zone – least that’s what I call a run or running situation that I’ve come nowhere near doing before. The ultra bible I read is big on back-to-back training. This means a big run one day one. Not too much rest or food overnight and then a smaller but significant run the following day. And so it was, complete Alloa OK and I would be topping out at over 46 miles within 28 hours. Truth be told, I was just a little apprehensive but nothing ventured, nothing gained. The main key was remembering not to be bothered by running right at the back end of the race – an ultra pace will never be a half pace.

Anyway, the weather was marginally better than yesterday but still cold and wet. I set myself 11 minute mile pace and only just overshoot this – dignity more or less intact as I did just beat the rabbit charity runner ! The run was a plod but genuinely not anywhere near as bad as I had feared.

So, I’ve come out the other side and now have just 6 weeks to go before the Fling – look on the bright side, it’s only another 7 miles but then again, it’s all in one go and yes, there are a few hills I believe. Still, can’t wait 🙂



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7 comments on Alloa Half Marathon – Sunday 17th March 2013

  1. Bunny Man says:

    Congrats in the run! and will try and beat you next year 😉

    Chris ” bunny man ” Gray

  2. Mike Brooks says:

    Hey Chris,

    What can I say HARDCORE, well sorted for the Fling!!

  3. Rob says:

    back to back races – and not short either – respect man!

    And…….a few days after – do you agree with the “theory” – are you stronger or now a broken man? 🙂

    • WestLintonChris says:

      In short, yes I do agree with theory but push it this hard and it would be very easy to fall into complete meltdown and / or injury. I had two days out and then ran a 10k yesterday – OK it wasn’t very fast but it was running and my heart rate was remarkably steady. Pure personal opinion, but I think the key to what I am trying to do and in fact, all endeavour, is to know one’s self and in this way one will stay the right side of the line. Hey, how about that, it’s only just gone 9 in the morning !! 🙂

      In even shorter, Run and Become

  4. Susie says:

    Well done Susan & Chris, sounds like it was a great race – I do like a nice view!
    Chris you are so committed to your training and racing, a true inspiration to the rest of us.
    Run and Become and all that

  5. Susan says:

    Chris – I was there too and didn’t see you! Well done on your race and all that mileage!

    I completely agree with your summary of the race – I went into it not knowing much about it but I thoroughly enjoyed it and the views of the snowy Ochils on the long back straight were lovely. And yes it was a great stretch to test the pace making.

    I didn’t manage a PB, and struggled in the latter miles where my training had been lacking but was happy to get round injury free in 1:45:44.

    Great organisation and an enjoyable atmosphere – well done Alloa!

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