Lasswade 10 mile road race 3rd March 2013

A bit of a belated post – having some technical difficulties of late. This was only the 2nd time that I had run this race and can say that I enjoyed it this time (still needing therapy to remove the thoughts of my first attempt). I think knowing just how hard the words “undulating course” really meant was a great help!  A very cold morning but that managed to encourage me to run faster. I saw a few Harriers before the race started but only realised just how many of us there were when the results came out. I think we numbered 10. The after-race buffet was great – I managed to get round the course while there was a good selection of food left – not quite how my first attempt went. This time I also managed a couple of conversations with fellow runners. Thanks especially to the Ferranti runner who “woke” me up from my own little world around the 5 mile marker which helped me to believe that I could make my target time. I had hoped for about 80 minutes – came in on 77 minutes and 56 seconds – giving me a PB improvement of 21 minutes and 14 seconds over my first run in 2009! Hopefully still some life left in this old dog yet. Lou (McConnell-Trevillion)

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    3 comments on Lasswade 10 mile road race 3rd March 2013

    1. sadie kemp says:

      Was my first time doing this race and I found it a tough course especially as it was uphill so soon into it. Was a great experience and nice to see so many club members. 🙂

    2. Susan says:

      Well done Louyse – that’s some PB! It is such a tough course so to be running just under 8 minute miles deserves a huge pat on the back.

      Great turnout from the Harriers, well done everyone.

    3. Dave C says:

      A great lump off your course PB, well done and yes, a great turn out from the Club

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