Dunbar 10km

We were met with a cold Saturday morning in Dubar – but at least the sun was out. I had never run this race before but got a few course tips from fellow Harriers who had and the random woman I met in the ladies toilets. All the information was a great help and calmed the nerves. The course has some nice views and the main hill wasn’t as bad as I feared. But a headwind out on the course did make the going hard at times as well as the hill at around 7/8km. There was a good turn out of Harriers. From the provisional results the club was represented by : 

Peter 34.33

Mark 38.04

Derek 39.20

Me (Lou) 46.14

Sadie 47.48

Julie 54.45

hope I got these right guys and didn’t leave anyone out! I did have a good Saturday night and the head wasn’t quite working when I looked these up on Sunday morning!

Definitely will head back next year.




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3 comments on Dunbar 10km

  1. bill bennet says:

    Great runs from our 6 Harriers. Superb run from Peter in 4th place: I liked the photo on the Dunbar site showing Peter in the lead in a Penicuik vest. But I was really impressed that Peter persuaded the guy who did the results to print PENICUIK HARRIERS in block caps. Well done all.

  2. Susie says:

    Well done guys, a beautiful day for a run! Looks like this running thing is catching 😉

  3. Susan says:

    Well done everyone! Some great running especially Pete who wasn’t far off the winner by the looks of it!

    I’ve done the race in the past when there’s been a strong headwind and it definitely becomes more of a battle – so well done!

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