Hunter’s Bog Trot 2013

A beautiful sunny day for the Bog Trot today.  Kevin, Rob, Andrea, Sadie and myself pitched up for this race ‘with lots of gradient and not much else’ as YP told us in his pre-race speech.

You start by St Margaret’s Loch and head up through Hunters Bog before turning sharp right and after 100m starting the climb up to the top of Salisbury Crags.  Beautiful run down the crags back to the start area which you run right past to head along by the road and run up the Radical Road. Off the RR you then turn left back into the Bog and back up the hill to the Crags.  If there’s anything left in your legs you then have a really fast downhill to the finish.

I passed a guy on the Radical Road who told me this was his first race after his hip replacement, I really should take the hint Frown

Our finishing order was – Kevin, Rob, Andrea, Sadie & Susie

The tales of woe afterwards were – Rob’s knees, Rob’s burst shoelaces, the heat, the hill(s) and wondering why we do it every year….?

Lots of great support from Trotters marshalling and a very funny prize-giving.

1st F40 win for Andrea woohoo – go Andrea!


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