Ben Ledi Hill Race

A new race for 2013.
The route is approximately 10k – a loop which heads up Ben Ledi over the summit and down Stank Glen.
According to ‘mapmyrun’ this race had a total ascent of 677m, boy did I feel that! The route meandered up through the forest and then around and up the hill, with small sections of flat few and far between. Once at the summit it was a dash along the ridge and then down the glen, over open ground, then a short section back through the woods.
A very enjoyable race, the weather was warm and the little bit of cloud and rain was much appreciated near the top as it cooled me down. There was a piper to entertain us as we made our way across stank glen.
Shortbread and water was available at the finish along with some burgers for the hungrier.
There were only around 60 participants but as they had a sponsored walk on at the same time it wasn’t too lonely for the slow ones such as myself. The walkers were very obliging and got out of the way for the runners and were cheering us on.
Very enjoyable race, I highly recommend it. 🙂

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2 comments on Ben Ledi Hill Race

  1. Rob Wilson says:

    Ben Ledi is an excellent training run and I am sure it is a fab race.
    Congrats Sadie

  2. Susan says:

    Another race Sadie, well done you! I’ve walked up Ben Ledi a few times but never ran – maybe next year! And what a great name for a glen! 🙂

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