Haddington Half Marathon

A great afternoon’s run was had by all yesterday along the undulating (I really must look up the dictionary definition of that word but extremely hilly seems to fit for me) hills through East Lothian.

A strong field of about 270 runners left from Haddington at 2pm including two from Penicuik’s own Harriers…myself and Sadie who I am convinced runs every race (road and hill) there is going!! And why not!! She managed to take thirteen minutes off her time from the same race last year…fantastic effort Sadie!!

The post race refreshments were just the ticket and in the space of about six minutes I managed to replace and perhaps double the amount of calories spent during the race.

Cheers, Mark

Harrier times
Sadie Kemp – 1hr 37mins 10secs (69th)
Mark Snodgrass – 1hr 25mins 12secs (23rd)

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2 comments on Haddington Half Marathon

  1. sadie kemp says:

    Thanks guys. I really enjoyed the race and I think the weather helped as it was a bit cooler than last year 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    had heard it was a hilly one! And yes I agree that the word undulating just means hilly so why bother trying to use another word!

    huge well done to Sadie, 1h 37 is a fantastic time. You should be proud of that improvement. Brilliant result for you as well Mark, well done. Wish I’d been in the shape to run.

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