Caerketton Hill Race

Great race at Caerketton tonight, thanks to Carnethy for organising. Since 2011 the race has been extended to 3.6km with 300m climb and you head up the steepest path as opposed to zig zagging up the hill.

Rob, Kevin, Mike, Sadie and myself all turned up for this race and I think we all quite enjoyed it. Rob & Mike did their swap positions thing they do and Sadie got away from me on the uphill when I realised cycling to a race maybe is not the best preparation 🙁 Finishing order was Mike, Rob, Kevin, Sadie then me. Kevin & Mike muttered something about a football match and needing to get away so missed being in the photo. Recommend this nice local race to all of you, a good end to the Hill Grand Prix too.

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3 comments on Caerketton Hill Race

  1. Susan says:

    cycled to a hill race! Respect!

  2. Mike Brooks says:

    Should have stayed for the photo, robbed at the football

  3. Rob says:

    Congrats England!

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