Lomonds of Fife 2013

Below is the link to Rob’s report from last year which describes the route so well, especially the slope coming off W.Lomond that was so steep and sheer it was almost vertical, it made me stop, swear a bit and then sit down and slide!!! Grassy and thick all the way, got up to run again and just sat back down using my shoe grips for brakes. You don’t get taught that at Thursday hill training 😉

I went over with Mike & Stu (they needed a tortoise) and met Kevin there, beautiful day and all keen.  Lovely walk up a path to the start and was having a lovely blether which made me forget that I was actually there to run a 10m hill race.  Rob doesn’t mention the beautiful run up to E.Lomond through the woods which was just gorgeous with the sun shining through.  I didn’t see S,M & K for much of the race except when they were flying off E.Lomond as I started climbing it. The run round the hill on thin sheep trod to and from W.Lomond has such a steep drop that a harness would be very reassuring but may rub a little…

When I finished I ‘ran back down the track’ to find Stu & Mike fed, watered and ready to go, Kevin had already gone. All enjoyed the race immensely although I enjoyed it for a bit longer than the guys 🙂

Don’t know proper results but think Stu 28th 1.45, Mike 35th 1.47, Kev 2.10 & Susie 2.28. No photos.


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6 comments on Lomonds of Fife 2013

  1. bill bennet says:

    Bum sliding can be a bit dangerous unless you wear cast iron pants, ask Dave Cairns. I’d advise anyone running the Ben Nevis Hill Race to avoid bum sliding, it’s a real rough hill, even the green wall is very rough in places.

  2. Mike Brooks says:

    Susan, go onto You Tube couple of good clips showing that descent
    Hey Susie, you robbed us old boys of a couple of minutes, 1.43 and 1.45

  3. Rob Wilson says:

    Ach. One of the best hill races in calendar. Gutted I could not have been there.
    Great times all round. Not sure I would have been close to Mike.
    Maybe see some of you this coming weekend.

  4. Susan says:

    you weren’t that far behind Sooz. Must be all your training for the Ben. Would love to see photos of the slope you descended on your posterior!

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