Just keep looking on the bright side


Following our chat at the AGM I went home and found out that I hadn’t made it through the public ballot to the London Marathon. But I am thinking of doing the Belfast one next year if entries are still open. I think they are but I’m waiting for pay day – these things are so damn expensive. It’s in early May and I may even then be tempted to try and do the Edinburgh at the end of May. Anything to keep aiming for. I won’t be at training for a while yet – old complication flared up again and put me back in the hospital. So advice is to rest and no running for a while and then only small distances to begin with! Bugger. But I’ll be in shape for the Fling relay. Mind you sitting on my bum watching rubbish on Netflik and having everything brought to me including sweets isn’t as bad as it sounds!

Hopefully see you sometime soonish.


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  1. Dave C says:


    Sorry to hear your laid up again. it would be good to have a spring target to get you going again once you are recovered but I’d be very cautious about taking on two marathons within 3 to 4 weeks of each other. From my own “competitive” experience I’d recommend a minimum 6 weeks recovery between marathons.

    Take care & hope to see you back soon (no allowance in the handicaps I’m afraid)!

  2. Jan Dawson says:

    Get well soon Lou! I lost out on the London ballot too 🙁 but a colleague of mine just ran the inaugural York marathon on Sunday 20 Oct and really enjoyed it. Entries open again early January 2014.

    Maybe we should all stuff London and do one of the many other fantastic marathons in the UK instead!


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