Braid hills x country

Well if there was ever a race to make you feel your age then it was this one. With representation from pretty much all Scottish universities and some from England the field was younger and more able than your average 43 year old. In this case me.
A great race all the same with one 3 mile lap for the ladies and two x 3 mile laps for the men. It was a fast race although one of those that when you get stuck behind people in a group it is difficult to overtake or for that matter be overtaken. A lovely cold, crisp day though and a few Harriers on show. Many congratulations to the ladies team who came 15th overall.
Results as follows and apologies if I have missed anyone:
Rachael Campbell (101) – 23m 21s
Sadie Kemp (106) – 23m 35s
Tracy Philip (116) – 23m 59s
Kirsty Louden (173) – 33m 46s
Mark Snodgrass (99) – 39m 23s

Some photos coutesy of Bob Marshall – thanks Bob!


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2 comments on Braid hills x country

  1. Duncan says:

    Well done you hardy souls. I found some massively important thing to do on Saturday instead, but am now feeling a bit wimpish.

  2. Susan says:

    I know the feeling Mark having done the race in previous years. Most are very young, whippet like and probably still drunk from the night before! Some great times posted by all the Harriers, well done everyone.

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