West Linton Advent Running Festival Sat 30th November 2013

Great little race to raise money for Cystinosis Foundation UK (around £1000 was raised). There was a half marathon, a 10k and a 5K, in the gorgeous country side around West Linton. The weather was great, a little on the chilly side but fine once we started running. There was only around 80 runners in total spread over the different distances, and the half marathoners were set off in two groups 15 mins apart. There were plenty of marshals to show us the way and supply us with water, jelly babies and chocolate and they were wearing santa hats which was a nice touch. The route was quite undulating and Chis and I ran around together chatting all the way making it very enjoyable. Chris was able to name every hill we passed so I now know abit more of the geography of the area too! So the results:
Half marathon:
Mark Snodgrass 01:24:35
Mike Brooks 01:32:21
Sadie Kemp 01:52:42
Chris Downie 01:52:43

Michael Greens 00:27:22
Weat linton running festival

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3 comments on West Linton Advent Running Festival Sat 30th November 2013

  1. bill bennet says:

    Congratulations Sadie and Catriona – a great family double.

  2. sadie kemp says:

    It turns out I won the women’s half, also my sister Catriona Scott won the women’s 5K. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    1h 53m of listening to Chris’ chat – Sadie you deserve a medal for that alone! I bet 1h 50 of that was Chris talking, and you maybe managed the 3mins? Ha ha just joking of course. Sounds a delightful day of running – well done everyone.

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