Feel the Burns 2014

Mike, Stu, Julian and I headed down to Selkirk on Sunday for the Feel the Burns that Mike had done last year and thoroughly recommended it to everyone. The distance is 13.73 miles although my Garmin clocked it at 12.1 but it doesn’t really do height so thought I had stopped on the steep sections!  As we got closer to Selkirk he did start saying things like, “Yeah, it’s quite tough in bits” which had me a bit worried as I was using this race as my Long Sunday Run but hey ho I had the pass from Gord for the day so was going to enjoy it 🙂

Feel the Burns 2014 Route Map

We all ran to the start which was about half a mile and then into a field which was the start and finish point, always good to know what the finish looks like I think 🙂 The race took us up a forest road before turning sharp right to climb Peat Law, you then dropped off before climbing the Three Brethren and continuing along lovely grassy paths skirting Broomie Law and following the Old Drove Road, some of the path were a bit rocky but all very runnable and the most beautiful views which you could enjoy as you hopped the stiles.

I was enjoying the race so much but had to remind myself that this was my Sunday Run and not meant to be racing but you know when people breathe down you neck you just have to try and keep ahead of them!  The map shows us getting to the top of Brown Knowe at this point but I don’t remember a cairn or anything. Managed to pass a few on this section and keep a lady behind me before the half way point turn and the lovely, lovely down hill began 🙂

We then came down the Minchmoor Road which was truly great running, I managed to catch a group here who all stopped for a loo break – some sights you see during hill races! Through a very slippy muddy field and straight into a stream with a photographer in the middle of it (another awful photo of me I’m sure) tried not to splash his camera and I set off up the farm track and through the woods before I hit the sting in the tail, otherwise known as Foulshiels Hill. Managed to walk up this no bother passing 8 people on my way; I know I couldn’t believe it either!  Then started the descent which was a bit tough as it was very peaty and my ankles didn’t like it, however then into another field, another stream and I was on the Forest Road heading for the finish.  The loo break group were behind me at this point and although not a race for me I wasn’t going to let them pass me so pushed on and into the field. 2:37 woohoo!!!

Back to the Rugby Club where Stu, Mike & Julian were tucking into their haggis suppers, but no beers even though the bar was open – how strange is that?!

Cannot recommend this race highly enough, it was a fundraiser for the Tweed Mountain Rescue, expertly organised with fantastic support from marshals along the way.

41st Stuart 1:55:20
53rd Mike 1:59:43
69th Julian 2:06:00
152nd Susie 2:37:53



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4 comments on Feel the Burns 2014

  1. Kirsty says:

    Great write up Susie! Well done. Was thinking of you as Bill dragged me up Scald Law and the kips. Maybe next year….good cause worth running for!

  2. Julian says:

    Indeed, a real feel-good race. For me this was because it didn’t just consist of going up and down steep hills. Nice to do some extended running for once. I definitely recommend this to anyone who can keep going for a couple of hours but doesn’t like anything too gnarly. Unlike some races, this is one I’m looking forward to doing again!

  3. Rob.........downunder says:

    so jealous – honestly. It may be warm out here but there are no hills and just concrete paths

    will try and keep some semblance of fitness for the spring

    good stuff guys [and gal]

  4. sarah B says:

    awesome- sounds like a fabulous race and all for a good cause. I may give it a go next year! Well done everyone- that’s a great time Susie!

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