The Lasswade 10 Unofficial Photographer’s Report. (AKA: A cop-out’s tale)

Having been too disorganised to sign up to the race, I thought I’d take a leisurely cycle along to support my fellow Harriers today.

Cycling from Glencorse Barracks backwards along the route, I was struck by just how much uphill pedalling I was doing. Suddenly not having signed up to this race was beginning to sound like a good idea after all!

I reached the start line just in time to take cover from the incoming mortar rounds, which thankfully turned out to be just the test for the ‘starting pistol’. I’m not sure how far away from the start line the organisers thought the athletes might be standing, but they weren’t taking any chances!

The slight incline towards the first corner gave a hint of what was to come later in the race, and I managed to snap a few smiling faces before cunningly dashing round just in time to see the leaders emerging into Roslyn Glen. I have to say, from my vantage point halfway up ‘The Tormentor’ I was impressed with everyone’s pacing. Lots of smiles greeted me, and the Harriers all looked strong! I tagged along with Vicky, who informed me cheerily that this was her training hill, and so she was comfortable running up it. She certainly wasn’t jesting, and made short work of the slope to be greeted by her family at the top.

From here I pushed on, eager to catch up with Tim and Mark if possible. Heading down the hill into Auchendinny, you could almost read the anticipation on the runners’ faces of what was to come. Again, though, some strong running up the long incline showed that the athletes had all clearly prepared as much for this second hill as for the first.

The last four miles of the race seemed a little easier, at least on my bike(!) as the hills dwindled to the odd short rise and the end grew closer. I caught up to Tim and Mark just in time for a couple more pics, before then sadly missing them at the finish. (Well if you will insist on running too fast!)

Overall, a fun day out, although I’m rather glad I was on two wheels rather than two legs!

P.S. I absolutely, categorically did not pinch a delicious bite-size cinnamon roll from the amazingly adorned cake table in the finishers’ tent!

[picasa width=”640″ height=”400″ bgcolor=”#000000″ autoplay=”1″ showcaption=”1″ user=”penicuikharriers” album=”es_Lasswade10Mile2014″]

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8 comments on The Lasswade 10 Unofficial Photographer’s Report. (AKA: A cop-out’s tale)

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Thanks for the photos and support Carl. Thanks also to Peter and Davy for smiles and words of encouragement. Was great to see so many harriers out enjoying the race.

  2. Mark snodgrass says:

    Well done to the girls who came 3rd in the team standings and I guess to the boys as well who came 6th in the teams. Results found at



  3. Tracy philp says:

    Thanks very much Carl for all the support you gave us yesterday.It was very much appreciated. I got a new pb for that yesterday so thank you for helping with that.

  4. Robyn says:

    Thank you Carl. Great encouragement just when I needed it e.g.Roslin Glen!!!

  5. Amy Kerr says:

    Well done Carl! The photos are fabulous and your support for us all was outstanding. Wish we could have you at every race 🙂 I loved the race and your smiley face made it all the more worth it……thank you.

  6. Mark Snodgrass says:

    Great to have the suport Carl…you appeared on the course at each incline offering great support. thanks for that. A great race, good conditions and a post race buffet to die for….those scones, cream and jam!!!

  7. Vicky says:

    Thanks Carl. Great having you shout encouragement at me again!

  8. Gillian says:

    Thanks to Carl for his fantastic support to all Harriers during today’s race! You so did steal a cake – but think you’re forgiven (as long as those photos turn out well!!).

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