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My first marathon and a very enjoyable one to do. We registered and collected our T-shirts prior to the quick safety talk in the hall at the Nevis-center. The race started at the shinty club and made its way out through the houses and on to the A830 in the shadow of Ben Nevis. Unfortunately the mountain was mostly obscured by cloud although some snow was still visible. The route continued along this road in an out and back route along the side of loch Eil. There was nice little groups of support and plenty of water stations with water and lucozade sport. The mile markers were also useful for me as I had left my gps watch at home (duh!). The nice thing about the out and back route was seeing the faster runners making their way back and seeing some familiar faces spurred me on. The weather was pretty awful and it rained most of the time we were running but this kept us nice and cool. Back at the center there was a much needed hot shower available and tea and rolls. So the times:
Tracy Philp : 3:48:48 (149)
Sadie Kemp : 3:37:55 (112)

Out of 328 runners and 8 DNFs!

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2 comments on Lochaber marathon

  1. Tracy philp says:

    Sadie that was a fabulous marathon debut and I hear you were at training on tues!!! I wonder what to expect from you at Edinburgh now.Well done again Sadie you are a machine. Great marathon apart from the weather.

  2. Duncan says:

    Well done you two! Astonishing times and especially for a first marathon. Are you sure it was just Lucozade Sport? And you make it sound as if was a breeze. After my first marathon I could hardly walk and had difficulty stepping down 3 inches off a kerb.

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