Goodbye Carl!

Carl Proctor was due to have his last training session with Penicuik Harriers on Tuesday but didn’t turn up, however some crazy guy in a pink George the Hippo costume did !!!!

We will miss his neverending enthusiasm and wonderful support and encouragement at sessins and races.  Also thanks for helping some of us with our navigatoon skills ????

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3 comments on Goodbye Carl!

  1. Mark Snodgrass says:

    All the best Carl…very sorry I missed that training session!!

  2. Carl says:

    Dear Harriers,
    Thank you all ever so much for the presents! And thank you for a wonderful couple of years! All the very best of luck to the marathon runners tomorrow – top tip: ENJOY IT!
    Lots of love,

    • Rob says:

      keep in touch Old Bean
      you never know, there might be a race in the “middle” one day we some of us can meet up.
      good luck in your new life – whatever it will be

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