London Marathon 2014

Thank you so much Penicuik Harriers for our places in the London Marathon – we all LOVED it!!!
The whole experience was incredible with unbelievable support from the crowds and because we all had our names on our charity vests we got lots of personal shouts. We have raised thousands for charity and had a great time too, we’re all so pleased that our training has paid off. My Garmin recorded my route as 26.9miles, Carl was right, there was no chance of sticking to any blue line! Susie

Mark : 02:56:51  1008th place

Susie : 4:05:49 13065th place

Sarah : 04:12:28  14596th place

Helen : 04:44:18  22188th place

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4 comments on London Marathon 2014

  1. BillB says:

    Well done all of you. I was a wee bit jealous sitting with my feet up watching you all in the brilliant sun.

  2. Rob says:

    the weather looked amazing – lucky buggers
    congrats all!!

  3. sarah B says:

    It was the most amazing day- all those people shouting your name certainly spurred me on. Feel very privileged to have been able to run- thank you so much Penicuik harriers for letting me have a club place. I would also recommend the race- it was such a good day! Thanks too for all the support from the fundraising- just totalled up and have raised £2182 for the RNLI so am very chuffed with that!

  4. Mark Snodgrass says:

    You are not wrong about that blue line Susie and the shortest distance measure….It was easier to stop trying to follow it and just relax into the run. The noise from the crowd was incredible as well….for pretty much the whole race. A great experience…and to be overtaken by Superman and Wonderwoman in the last mile taught me some humility about running. I would heartily recommend this race as a “must do”.

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