Gypsy Glen – A view from the back of the pack!

There was a good turnout of Harriers at the recent Gypsy Glen Hill Race in Peebles, it was the first time I had done this race but really enjoyed it.  We started at Victoria Park, a quick loop of the park, along some roads, that all looked vaguely familiar – I am sure I have walked this way before!  Then we headed into Gypsy Glen and up the hill to the drovers path.  The route took us through a closed gate which I was unable to open (dope!)  I was panicking a bit as I was already really far back and was getting further the longer I faffed with the gate, so clambered over the gate and kept running.  I could still see Rachel’s ponytail bobbing up ahead in front of me so put a bit of a push on to try and reduce the distance between us and nearly got wiped out by 3 mountain bikers coming down the hill at breakneck speed.  A bit further up and another gate, thankfully this time propped open and the lead runners were heading back down the hill all thundering feet and flailing arms.  An encouraging shout and wave from Stuart and Mike as they passed me.  I am sure the view at the top was stunning, but I was too busy trying to close the gap that had stretched out between me and Rachel and her mum.  Sarah had come to the top with her dog to cheer us on – always nice to see a smiling face where it is not expected and then it was the downhill push, managed to work the catch on the gate on this time and kept running, legs were a bit wobby as we hit the tarmac and small inclines at the end but then back into the park and the finish where the rest of the Harriers were patiently waiting. A few spot prizes including locally brewed beer was on offer, but I missed out – next time!

Results as follows:-

59 runners

11th Stuart Sanderson – 36.24

14th Mike Brooks – 38.13

21st Rob Wilson – 40.53

26th Alan Thornburrow – 42.29

30th Gillian Cairns – 43.28

39th Mark Dawson – 46.06

44th Rachel Campbell  – 46.44

45th Chris Downie – 47.16

47th Sadie Kemp – 47.59

55th Rachel McGavin –  56.00

57th Gilly Marshall – 57.19

58th Kirsty Loudon –  65.54

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2 comments on Gypsy Glen – A view from the back of the pack!

  1. Mark Dawson says:

    Great report Gilly. Good to see so many Harriers in the race and really enjoyed it too! I managed to take a few glimpses of the views which were fantastic. Always a risky gamble in case of taking a tumble but got away with it.

  2. Sadie Kemp says:

    Really enjoyable race and lovely to see such a big harriers turnout. Well done to all xx

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