Haddington 10K

haddington 10k

A nice race starting and finishing at Neilson Park on the same day as their festival so there was lots happening in the park and a very nice gala day atmosphere. The weather was nice and sunny but started to cloud over and there was a little drizzle but nothing too bad despite the bad weather warning. The course is run in the roads surrounding Haddington with only 1 appreciable uphill and a similar route to the Haddington half later in the year. A medal at the end and some apple juice for me and a sweety for Michael. I was only a couple of seconds off my PB for a 10K so was quite pleased with that. Results are below:

Sadie Kemp 47.16 Position 79 Gender position 15 Cat Position 6
Michael Greens 51.00 Position 100 Gender Position 80 Cat Position 5
Lori McCrae 51.15 Position 104 Gender Position 21 Cat Position 10

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  1. BillB says:

    Well done Sadie, Michael and Lori keeping Penicuik Harriers in the news. Really good gender positions, especially Michael’s.

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