Musselburgh 10km road race

Brilliant race – so well organised and we struck lucky with the weather. An all girl turn out from the club!

The grass sections I must say made me feel like I was wearing lead boots.

After my bad year with injuries etc I set myself an ambustious target of getting under 50 minutes and did so. So inspired I went home and immediately entered the Frankfurt Marathon on 26 October (14 weeks and counting!). I couldn’t do the Loch Ness this year as I have to accompany my 13 year old daughter to The Vamps in Glasgow. Roll on her 14th birthday and she can go on her own.

Sorry but can’t do the Haddington Half. I registered and only then realised that hubbie and me are off to London to the hallowed grounds of Umpton Park to see West Ham United play. Still in the Premiership. Their theme song is “we’re always blowing bubbles” which ends with the lines “but they fade away and die”. Kind off sums up West Hams playing. But Atleast they usually finish mid table. Hubbie has been a massive fan all his life – indeed it was West Ham that won the World Cup! Anyhow this is their last season at Umpton Park as they move next year to the Olympic Stadium. Come on you Hammers.

My hubbie has some video snipets of us running at Musselburgh. He wasn’t just some random guy who really favoured the Harriers. Not sure how to up load these to our site. Any suggestions?


Lou x

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