Haddington half marathon


I decided at the last minute to enter this race. I phoned Paddy in the morning and he assured me that if I turned up I would get a place, so off I went to Haddington in my little car, I arrived quite early and got my number then headed off to buy some water and flapjack. The weather was lovely, quite sunny with a little breeze to keep us cool. I bumped into a few fellow harriers before the race and had time for a chat and even to read my book for a while. Feeling organised shortly before the race I went to take my sandals off and put my trainers on, this is when I realised my socks were back at the car. I dashed off and soon after I was at the start line with my fellow harriers, relieved to have got there before the starting gun went off. The race takes an undulating route through the countryside around Haddington and there are plenty of water stations along the way. We all got a medal and there were sandwiches and cakes on offer at the finish.
The results:
19 01:21:59 mark snodgrass
107 01:38:52 michael mccomb
184 01:49:37 sadie kemp
194 01:51:05 tracy philp
278 02:20:17 rachel McGavin

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2 comments on Haddington half marathon

  1. Tracy philp says:

    Great half it did feel like there were more hills second time round but maybe that was just the wine I consumed the night before! My garmin read 1.50 and 57 seconds.Oh well just have to enter it again next year.Great to see my fellow harrier at the start just before the race.

  2. Mark Snodgrass says:

    Great day for a half marathon. A few nasty hills to climb but some nice down sections as well. Great feast at the end as well. Good to see the Harriers out in force once again.

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