Baddinsgill Round Race

She stepped in a puddle right up to her middle and never went there again! Well it was actually a bog anf it went up to my neck and I haven’t decided if I’ll go there again… Think Vicar of Dibley puddle sketch where she goes right in, well that’s what I did when I tried to step on some bright green moss to get me over a bog, poor Chris had to pull me out whilst not falling in himself!

Banddingsgill Round Race, 11 miles round the hills that surround the reservoir, 8 hills but you don’t hit the top of all of them.  Beautiful route with 63 starters (all looking far too speedy) 5 of them being Penicuik Harriers. The ground was not as ‘runnable’ for me as had been suggested it would be, it was very marshy and energy sapping and then in other places very tussocky and heathery.  I was very lucky to have lovely Chris who was taking it easy with his 24th Ben Nevis Race in 2 weeks time and he did all the navigating but I think I did my fair share of the chatting he didn’t have to do all that.

Beautiful views back over to ‘our Pentlands’ from the top of East Cairn and just the most beautiful day for running.  The race reminded me of Dollar especially the lovely downhill at the end, nice that these hills that we go up do come down too – to quote Stu ‘Hill racing would be very boring of it was flat’ 🙂

Thanks for the lift Rob, thanks for the compass and being my chaperone Chris and thanks Stu for the cramp excitement when you got out of the car!!!

Great race but would recommend wearing a divers mask and a wetsuit though 🙂

Finishing order: Stu, Rob, Mike, Chris & Susie.

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5 comments on Baddinsgill Round Race

  1. Ellie says:

    Well done all! Susie, I hope you’re still as excited for hills as you were pre-dook!

  2. stuart sanderson says:

    not funny Sooz how could you ???
    I agree with Sooz on one thing tough tough tough .

  3. Rob says:

    happy to have my Mojo back.
    what a great “runnable” race – and it is – don’t believe Susie!!

  4. Duncan says:

    Oh, that picture’s priceless!!

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