Dunbar 10 mile (a.k.a Doon hill) 04.10.2014

Report by Sadie and Michael:
The race was varied and enjoyable despite the wet and cold weather.

Sadie, Michael and Tracy travelled through to Dunbar together after Sadie had popped home for some safety pins (or else there wouldn’t be any!). On arrival the weather was bleak until the race was underway, so we took shelter in the Hallhill Healthy Living Centre’s bar, and enjoyed a hot cup of tea. Ngeme appeared at this point and we went outside for a quick team photo. The starting gun went off and we headed through the houses before the route took a more convoluted trail along roadsides and fields. Some of the route was quite slippery and muddy thanks to the rain and the varying gradient added to the fun including some high speed downhills. The race was well marshalled with plenty of route markings ensuring we all went the right way. 😉
Afterwards we were rewarded with soup and sandwiches as well as a stylish medal.

Tracy Philp 1.22.15
Sadie Kemp 1.22.47
Michael Greens 1.29.53
Ngeme Ntuli 1.32.31

Dunbar 10 3

Dunbar 10 2

Dunbar 10

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2 comments on Dunbar 10 mile (a.k.a Doon hill) 04.10.2014

  1. Bill Bennet says:

    Well done folks, especially Michael in his first 10 mile race.

  2. Tracy philp says:

    Really enjoyed this race will definitely be doing it next year.Big thanks to Sadie and Michael for the lift and dropping me back of again at home.

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