Greenmantle Dash Friday, 02 January 2015

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This is a short sharp 3.3 km race with 200 m climb.
Its a great way to blow off some of the excesses of christmas and hogmanay.
The weather this year was changeable and we nervously waited in Broughton Village Hall as the weather continually flipped between bright spells of sunshine and sleet and snow showers.
As we jogged along to the start the snow was coming down and those of us who had opted for minimal clothing were starting to question their sanity.
We huddled at the start as we were counted in turn before we were allowed to the start line.
The sky brightened up by this time and once we were off we werent cold for long.
The route takes you over a wall and through a stream before you head over some rather boggy fields and then up the hill, the obstacles only adding to the fun.
The race was slightly shortened this year as the owner didnt want us in his field, so it finished on the road instead. I cant say I minded as there was a massive puddle taking up much of the field and would have made for a soggy finish.
As it was we were all quite muddy at the end and headed into the river to clean off.
Back in the village hall there was plenty of hot soup waiting for us and those who werent driving were also able to indulge in a free pint.
Andrea won herself a few bottles of beer to take home aswell 🙂
Well done Ellie on completing your first hill race, many more to come I hope.

29 Mike Brooks 0:21:03
31 Rob Wilson 0:21:18
62 Jan Dawson 0:24:27
65 Gillian Cairns 0:24:46
67 Christopher Downie 0:25:06
78 Andrea Wilson 0:26:33
81 Sadie Kemp 0:26:49
93 Elizabeth Tudhope 0:29:01
106 Kirsty Loudon 0:34:40

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  1. sarah B says:

    Well done everyone- does sound like a nice way to work off all the Christmas pudding! Happy New Year!

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