Edinburgh Parkrun January 2015

Parkrun 3

Parkrun 4




All the information on how to sign up is given at the above address.
These events are on every saturday, are free and timed, there is a really friendly atmosphere and the race is very inclusive with people running with dogs, buggies and children, one for all the family.
You sign up online, take along your barcode then at the end of the race you are given a chip that corresponds to your finishing time. Both these get scanned and later on that day you get your time emailed to you, you can also get it setup so that you get a text to your phone.

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  1. Amy Kerr says:

    And just to add to Sadie’s comments…………it’s an amazing run with amazing people 🙂 And if, like me, you want to get out of your comfort zone………try 5K’s. They are tough, but extremely rewarding!!

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