Bill’s 80th Birthday Run

A wee surprise run for Bill to celebrate his Octogenarian status.  Lots of Harriers turned out to enjoy his birthday with him by running round the beautiful Clerk Estate in Penicuik, he took us on one of his usual routes and now we all know where the Hurley pond is!
Bill is a true inspiration, to still be running at the age of 80 years is something we can only aspire to.

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4 comments on Bill’s 80th Birthday Run

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    I very much enjoyed Bill’s birthday run and although I have ran in Clerk’s estate on many occasions never with so many friends and on such an interesting route. Simply fabulous 🙂 X

  2. sarah B says:

    Happy birthday to Bill and Rachel. Looks like you had a fabulous run. So sorry I couldn’t make it. x

  3. David Cairns says:

    Great day indeed and fabulous photos from Susie.

  4. Bill Bennet says:

    I was really quite staggered (nothing to do with my dodgy knee) when Susie led me to the Penicuik Estate car park and suddenly all those blue jackets appeared from behind the trees. There seemed to be Harriers everywhere and the singing of Happy Birthday was really quite melodious. Whether any of them will agree to accompany me on a run again is doubtful because I led them over icy tracks, muddy bogs, shoogly bridges, barbed wire fences and a burn or two with slippery stones and then round the Hurley Pond. But we all survived, no casualties. It was a double celebration because it was also Rachel McGavin’s birthday though, as you’ve all guessed, she’s more than half a century younger than me and also much quicker. It was a great occasion for me and I was so pleased to have the support of you all. My daughter Karen and granddaughter Lauren and one of her pals were there also. Thanks to you all.

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