Carnethy 5 Hill Race 2015

A great day for Penicuik Harriers at the 45th Carnethy 5 today.  Weather conditions were perfect and the race was enjoyed by all of us – I can’t speak for the 500 other runners of course!

Fran and Sarah were both first timers and thoroughly enjoyed it too; that’s the trouble with Carnethy – you get hooked!  Lovely to see Bill there supporting us, as a veteran of 21(!) Carnethy 5’s he would have a good idea how we all felt finishing a pretty tough race.

Many thanks to the Organiser Olly Stephenson and Carnethy Running Club who hosted us all so well as usual!

Bob Marshall’s photos are here:,authkey:Gv1sRgCPu50dmxi86FvQE

Thanks to Bill for the lovely photos of us all coming off Carnethy and approaching the finish.

[picasa width=”640″ height=”400″ bgcolor=”#000000″ autoplay=”1″ showcaption=”1″ user=”penicuikharriers” album=”es_Carnethy52015″]

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2 comments on Carnethy 5 Hill Race 2015

  1. Sadie Kemp says:

    Well done all, sorry I missed it, hopefully see you all there next year!

  2. David Cairns says:

    Well done all, sorry if I missed you as you passed the Howe checkpoint but I was a wee bit busy. Results as follows (hope I’ve not missed anyone):
    Stuart Sanderson 1hr00m56s
    Mike Brooks 1hr07m21s
    Rob Wilson 1hr07m28s
    Julian Hall 1hr12m19s
    Alasdair Hind 1hr14m58s
    Robert Walker 1hr16m29s
    Yan Horsburgh 1hr18m16s
    Tim Doyle 1hr21m45s
    Chris Downie 1hr23m43s
    Sarah Burthe 1hr24m37s
    Andea Wilson 1hr25m07s
    Alan Thornburrow 1hr30m16s
    Susie Maxwell 1hr33m19s
    Helen Osman 1hr36m40s
    Andrew Briggs 1hr39m03s
    Fran Jones 1hr43m12s

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